Saphan Lam Hoei (Lit: the Bridge of the Wry Waterway) is located on the city island
in Pratu Chai Sub-district. The structure can be found at the crossing of the present Pa
Thon Rd with Khlong Tho Rd.

The brick bridge was built over Khlong Pak Tho / Khlong Chakrai Yai (at present
called Khlong Tho), a canal which connect the old
Lopburi River (later called Khlong
Mueang or City Canal) in the north (near the ancient Grand Palace) with the Chao
Phraya River in the south at Pratu Chakrai Yai (Chakrai Yai Watergate). The bridge
stood on the northeastern corner of the former
Wat Khok Khamin.

The foundations of the Lam Hoei Bridge are still existent. The bridge connected the road
coming from Ayutthaya's ancient ring road behind the
Rear Palace in the west - called
Thanon Law or "Lao Street" - with Thanon Talaeng Kaeng or the "Street of the
Gallows", connecting further east with Thanon Pa Thon.  

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Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - November 2009
(The ruin of the Lam Hoei bridge)
(The ruin of the Lam Hoei bridge)