TAMNAK MAHEYONG (ตำหนักสมเด็จ)
Tamnak Maheyong or the "Royal Residence of Maheyong" is a restored ruin. The
brick building has a length of 24.80 m and width of 10.5 m. The western  styled structure
had two floors and was surrounded by a moat. Inside the building there were two rows
of six pillars, supporting the upper floor. The walls  have square shaped windows
upstairs, while downstairs they are lotus petal shaped.

Tamnak Maheyong was built by King Tai Sa (Phumintharacha) in 1711 AD in  order to
follow the renovation of
Wat Mahe Yong from close by. The renovation of the latter
took three years; the king stayed in this residence from one to three months at a time. [1]

It is located outside the city island in Phai Ling sub-district, south of Wat Maheyong.

The site is called Wat Rang on a 1974 Fine arts Department map and Wat Tha Bua
(วัดท่าบัว) (1) on a 1993 Fine Arts Department  map.


(1) The Monastery of the Landing of the Lotus.


[1] The Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya - Richard D. Cushman (2006) - page 404 /
Source: Phan Canthanumat.
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - May 2009
(The brick ruins of the royal residence)
(Tamnak Somdet)