WAT THONG 2 (วัดทอง)
Wat Thong or the "Monastery of Gold" was situated on the city island in the Historical
Park of Ayutthaya in Pratu Chai sub-district. The temple was located on the north bank
Khlong Pa Mo, an extension of Khlong Klaeb.

On its north stood
Wat Pa Mo (no traces anymore) and on its east Wat Chana Man (no
traces anymore). The site lie south of the present Tourist Center within the Juvenile
Detention area.

In situ is only a small viharn with a Buddha image of recent period. No other traces are
visible at ground level.

The site is mentioned on
Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926. The name of
the monastery although is mentioned as Wat Nong or the "Flooded Monastery".

When we look at a
mid-19th century map it all becomes a bit more difficult. This old
map mentions ten structures in the square delineated in the north by the old Talaeng
Kaeng road, in the east by Khlong Chakrai Noi,  in the south by the old ring road and in
the west by Khlong Chakrai Yai. PBR's map mentions only seven structures.

After having compared the maps, it is the author's opinion that Wat Thong Pa Mo Noi
(วัดทองป่าม่นอย) on the mid-19th century map, matches Phraya Boran Rachathanin's
location of Wat Pa Mo the best. The mid-19th century map indicates the presence of a
chedi at the time when the map was drafted and tends to group the two temples Wat Pa
Mo and Wat Thong, hence maybe its denomination Wat Thong Pa Mo Noi.

Historical data about the monastery and its construction is unknown.
Text, map & photograph by Tricky Vandenberg - January 2009
Text review March 2011
(View of the vihara at the Juvenile Center)
(Extract of a begin-20th century map)
(Extract of a mid-19th century map)