WAT TRAITRUNG (วัดไตรตรึงษ์)
Wat Traitrung is a reconstructed ruin located on Ayutthaya's city island in the Historical
Park in Pratu Chai district. The monastery is situated in the vicinity of Wat Phra Ram,
established on the cremation site of the first Ayutthayan monarch King U-Thong,
officially called Ramathibodhi I.

The ruin is located in
Bueng Phra Ram - north of Pa Thon Rd and the Ayutthaya
Witthayalai School.

In situ is an east-directed sermon hall (vihara) with a chedi on its western side. There are
also a number of foundations of chedi rai (satellite chedi) remaining.

Its historical background and period of construction are unknown.

The "Master Plan for Tourism Development of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and the
Neighbouring Provinces" mentions that there were no remains of this temple. The
document stipulates that there were only three temples left in Bueng Phra Ram in 1988,
all in poor condition, being:
Wat Nok, Wat Song Pat (likely Wat Sangkha Pat) and Wat
Langkha Dam. The ruin of Wat Traitrung we see today, must have been completely
reconstructed. [1]

The temple could be named after the City of Traitrung, a settlement in the area of
Kamphaengphet on the Ping River (one of the major tributaries of the Chao Phraya
River) established by a group of Thai from the area of Chieng Saen, who were expelled
by the Burmese in the latter part of the twelfth century. The city became likely a vassal to
Sukhothai in the middle of the thirteenth century. The city was once the home of the
mother of King U-Thong. The princess was expelled from the city by her father, the
King of Traitrung, after having married a commoner. They both left the city and
established Thep Nakhon in 1319. In 1344, their son U-Thong became king and moved
the capital to Ayudhya in 1351 (based on the work of Somdet Phra Wannarat, the
Culayuddhakaravamsa). [1]


[1] Master Plan for Tourism Development of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and the
Neighbouring Provinces - Tourism Authority of Thailand - 6 August 1988 -  page 4-58.
[2] The Rise of Ayudhya - Charnvit Kasetsiri (1976) - page 56.
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - April 2009
Updated January 2013
(View of the hall from the west)
(View from the southeast)
(View from the south)
Site view of Wat Traitrung shortly after receding of the flood which hit the Historic City of
Ayutthaya and its Historical Park in the evening of 7 October 2011. Pictures were taken on
28 November. This site needs urgent restoration as part of the Ayutthaya Historical Park.
(Pictures by Tricky Vandenberg)