WAT YOM MON (วัดยมมอน)
Wat Yom Mon is a vanished temple formerly located off the city island in the eastern
area in present Hua Ro sub-district.

The monastery was situated south of
Wat Nang Chi, in the immediate vicinity of Wat
Yom Thai. The latter was located on the premises of the present Wat Tham Niyom.

A single monastic structure named Wat Yom is mentioned on
Phraya Boran
Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926. Two monastic structures being Wat Yom Thai and
Wat Yom Mon feature on a
mid-19th century map.

Wat Yom Thai and Wat Yom Mon were situated about 100 meters from each other
following a Fine Arts Department excavation map drafted in 2005. Wat Yom Thai stood
south of Wat Yom Mon, identical as indicated on the mid-19th century map.

Some remains of the temple were excavated by the Fine Arts Department (FAD) in Geo
Coord: +14° 21' 40.42" N, +100° 34' 54.31" E.

Historical data about the monastery and its construction are unknown.

The mid-19th century map indicates the existence of a chedi on its eastern side.
Text & map by Tricky Vandenberg - July 2011
(Extract of a 19th century map)