This bicycle tour has been designed to bring you along 9 important Buddhist monasteries in Ayutthaya. Why 9? Nine is an important number in
Thailand. Odd numbers are considered luckier than even numbers; especially the number 3. You already found out that 9 is in fact 3 x 3 and as thus
the utmost fortunate and sacred number used not only across Thai society but also in the large parts of the world. For example often 9 monks are
invited at Buddhist ceremonies, being for the inauguration of a house, a shop or a wedding. In some cultures, number 9 represents God. Women need
9 months, being 36 weeks (3+6) to give birth; 999 is the measurement of Gold and Silver, while 9 is the only number that can be used to multiply with
your hands.

An extension of the number 9 is the number 108 (1+0+8). 9 planets travel through the 12 zodiac signs (9 x 12). The diameter of the sun is 108 times
the diameter of the Earth. The average distance from the earth to the Sun is equivalent to 108 sun's in a row. The average distance from the earth to
the Moon is equivalent to 108 moon's in a row. Isn't it magical.

The bicycle track is about 35 Km long and is paved all the way. The first part of the track brings you to the Ayodhya area and the foreign settlements
along the left bank of the Chao Phraya River. Near Ko Rian you will cross the bridge of Rd #356 and return towards Ayutthaya on the right bank of
the Chao Phraya River and through the Portuguese settlement. Turning to the west you will pass Wat Chai Watthanaram and the Indo-Chinese
settlement with the St Joseph Church. Continue through Ban Pom sub-district where you will cross again a bridge over the Chao Phraya River (Rd
3#47) and follow the left bank of the river along the Phukhao Thong Fields. Near Hua Laem the roads turn east and you will enter the city of
Ayutthaya via the north.