KHLONG BAN BAT (คลองบ้านบาตร)
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - June 2010
Khlong Ban Bat could be translated as the Canal of the Village of the Alms-Bowl and
is situated in Phai Ling Sub-district. The waterway links the present
Pa Sak River with
Khlong Kramang (Phai Ling) and Khlong Dusit.

Khlong Ban Bat houses an active Buddhist monastery at its mouth on the south bank
Wat Phichai Songkram. Two more monasteries were situated along this canal: the
Wat Chaofa Dokdua and Wat Chaofa Rasami on its south bank.

Khlong Ban Bat can be paddled by kayak as part of the
Hantra kayak trip. A description
of the trip can be found on this web site under the section "kayaking".

This canal tends to be very polluted most of the time.
(Confluence with the Pa Sak River)
(Aerial view of Khlong Ban Bat)
(View of the railway bridge over the canal)
(Near the mouth of Khlong Ban Bat)