KHLONG BAN MUANG (คลองบ้านม่วง)
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - June 2013
Khlong Ban Muang also called Khlong Pho Sam Ton, is the most northern stretch of the Pho Sam Ton River, an old river bed of the Lopburi River.
The canal took its name from the old village Ban Muang it was flowing by.

The waterway is the border between the
Pho Sam Ton Fields and the Ban Lao Fields. Whether the latter were initially counted as part of the Pho
Sam Ton Fields is not known.

Khlong Ban Muang runs from
Wat Pa Fai until Wat Dao Khanong and Wat Pho Rang, where the Lopburi River made a bend to the west towards
Ban Nong Kraben. The canal continues further south towards Hua Ro via the short cut canal called
Khlong Bang Khuat.

On the east or left bank of Khlong Ban Muang from north to south stood Wat Pa Fai,
Wat Sing, Wat Utaphao, Wat Chedi Hak, Wat Khok Kham,
Wat Pa Nai and Wat Dao Khanong; on the east bank were Wat Krang, Wat Muang, Wat Pho Hom, Wat Kamphaeng and Wat Pho Sam Ton.

In 1767 the Burmese attacked the city of Ayutthaya and set up the
Pho Sam Ton camp on both banks of Khlong Ban Muang, at that time still the
Lopburi River (1), a tributary of the Chao Phraya River.


(1) The Lopburi River changed river bed somewhere in the 19th century after its channel towards Hua Ro silted up. The river found a new track in
the canal coming from Ko Loeng.