KHLONG NAM YA (คลองน้ำยา)
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - May 2011
Khlong Nam Ya is situated off the city island in the northern area in Suan Phrik sub-
district; an area formerly called "Thamle Ya" or the "grass locality". The canal is situated
north of
Wat Borommawong and connects the monastery with the present new Lopburi
River. On the map of the Ayutthaya City Administration we read Khlong Satharana
(คลองสาธารณ) or public canal. The waterway is also sometimes referred to as Khlong
Borommawong. Next to Wat Borommawong, which sits on the south bank of the canal,
there was
Wat Nak on its northern bank, at present a brick mound with commemoration

There are indications on the aerial map that this canal was once connected to the old
Lopburi River; as has been confirmed by the abbot (Chao Awat) of Wat Borommawong,
who added that people in former times used the canal to go to Hua Ro on the
northeastern corner of the city. [1]

The canal has an historical value as it was in 1760 a defense line of the Siamese against
the Burmese attack of King Alaungpaya. It was here that Mun Thep Sena with 1000
Siamese troops reinforced the Chinese Brigade of Luang Aphai Phiphat which got the
order to erect a stockade, north of the city in the area of Pho Sam Ton. [2] The full event
can be read on the web page of Wat Borommmawong.

Khlong Nam Ya was widened between 1901 and 1908 over 200 m to make it easy
accessible for boats. The canal, though not well maintained, is still in existence and has
been partly closed by a small water gate at its confluence with the new Lopburi River.

In the Ayutthayan era there was a market along Khlong Nam Ya; one of the thirthy
markets outside the city. [3]


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(View of Khlong Nam Ya from the road to Bang Pahan)
(Mouth at the new Lopburi River)
(View of Khlong Nam Ya from Wat Borommawong)
(Khlong Nam Ya from the road)