Text & maps by Tricky Vandenberg - May 2017
Khlong Wat Phraya Phan is a small defunct canal situated in the southern area of the city of Ayutthaya in Samphao Lom Sub-district. Its former
existence is disputed as there are no traces of this canal found today. The canal is however mentioned on Kaempfer's draft map (1690) and
published map of 1727.
Based on these maps the origin of the canal was situated between Wat Tha Sak and Wat Yi Kham (Wat Tha Sak can be noticed on Kaempfer's
draft map). The waterway split off from the loop in the old
Lopburi River (today the Chao Phraya River) just opposite Pratu Khlong Thep Mi. The
canal ran towards
Wat Phraya Phan, passing along the west side of Wat Phraya Kong.
Whether or not the canal ended up in Khlong Khu Cham is not known. The canal is not found on Bellin's map (ca. 1750), which has another canal
Khlong Wat Phutthaisawan not mentioned on Kaempfer's maps.

Jumsai mentions the Wat Phraya Phan Canal in his work
The reconstruction of the city plan of Ayutthaya (1970). [1]


[1] Jumsai, Sumet - The reconstruction of the city plan of Ayutthaya (1970) - The Siam Society, Bangkok.