Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - April 2009
Updated 2012, August 2014
Tamnak Phaniat is located off Ayutthaya's city island in the northern area in Suan Phrik
sub-district at the Phaniat locality. The royal pavilion is situated north of
Khlong Daeng
and south of the
Elephant Kraal. In the immediate vicinity stands two old rural
Thai houses and the
War Elephant Monument.

Tamnak Phaniat is a two storey structure designed in a western architectural style and
built in the Ratanakosin period (post 1782 AD). The brick building is “L” shaped (23.80
meters wide by 25.70 meters long) with a front balcony. The balcony, which can be
reached by a series of broad stairs is pointing north. The building has a low basement,
wooden floors and the roof was made of clay tiles.

This pavilion was built in the reign of King Rama V (r. 1868-1910) to be the residence of
Prince Krom Phraya Bamrab Porapak, the director of the Krom Phra Khochaban
(ผู้กำกับกรมพระคชบาล) or Department of Elephants, when he was appointed to
restore the area of Phaniat. The present pavilion was constructed on the old tamnak
where Prince Thepphonphak (กรมหลวงเทพพลภักดิ์) (b.1785-d.1837) resided when
designated to lead the restoration works at Phaniat in the reign of King Rama II (r. 1809-
1824) and to supervise the elephant round-ups at that time. The pavilion was abandoned
after the last elephant round-up in the beginning of the 20th century and the structure
dilapidated afterwards. In 1999 the Fine Arts Department was granted the sum of 7,65
Million Baht to restore the old structure.
Tamnak Phaniat - View from the north
View from the west
View from the south
View from the east
(Tamnak Phaniat - View from the north)
(View from the south)
(View from the west)
(View from the east)