Text, map & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - April 2015
(View of Tamnak Kammalian)
Tamnak Kammalian or the Kammalian Royal Residence is situated in the eastern part
of Ayutthaya, off the city island just outside the premises of
Wat Kudi Dao in Phai Ling

The brick structure is situated north of the outer wall of the Kudi Dao Monastery. It is a
building with two stories. Following the Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya the residence was
built by the Maha Uparat, the younger brother of King Thai Sa (r. 1709-1733) and later
King Borommakot (r. 1733-1758), to follow up the restoration works of the - at that
time - dilapidated monastery.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Holy Younger Brother of the King, Lord of the
Department of the Holy Royal Palace Enclosure of the Excellent Site of
Auspiciousness, restored the Monastery of the Star Dormitory. Now, having
commanded a holy residence be established beside the monastery, His Majesty went
out to reside [there], sometimes for one month, sometimes for two months and
sometimes for three months at a time.

The royal residence measures 30 meters long and 14.6 meters wide in a rectangular plan
on a east - west axis. The building had two porches. The first floor had 10 windows on
both of the longest sides with an additional entry in the middle. There was a set of stairs to
reach the second floor. This floor had 11 windows on each side. All upper parts of the
windows were arched (curved like lotus petals). Both sides of the wall were chiseled. The
second floor had three doors of which the middle one was the largest. There was only
one small door on the first floor, connecting the porch with the area inside the building.
The building was supported by two rows of ten columns of which only the bases are left.

After the restoration was finalized the building might have been functioned as a sermon


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April 2015.
TAMNAK KAMMALIAN (ตำหนักกำมะเลียน)