This landmark is located inside the Ayutthaya Historical Park, just south of Vihan Phra
Mongkhon Bophit. It is slightly hidden by an active market that sells food and Thai

The single, brick-and-mortar, structure is perfectly square with no windows. On the east
side, a complete Buddha image sits in a position of meditation. This image is framed by
the backdrop of a large bodhi tree, which has grown over a large portion of the water
tank. This structure is sometimes mistaken for a mondop due to the Buddha image;
however, it was build for the exclusive purpose of water storage. It has been renovated
by the Fine Arts Department.

Charnvit Kasetsiri & Michael Wright point out that the Royal Palace had an elaborate
irrigation system - including bronze and terracotta water pipes, plumbing trenches, and
water wheels (p 326-327). Some of the ancient irrigation system, such as water pipes,
can still be seen at
Wat Phra Si Sanphet. An ancient pool can also be seen close to
water tank. Records show that a second water tank was once located inside the inner
Text and photograph below by Ken May - Aug 2009

Phraya Boran Rachathanin indicated a water tank on his map drafted in 1926. Johannes
Vingboons (1616/7-1670)
painting of ancient Ayutthaya (1665) seems also to show this
brick building south of Vihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit.
Addendum, maps and photographs by Tricky Vandenberg
October 2013
(The water tank is visible under left)
Williams-Hunt Aerial Photos Collection. Original from the School of
Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Digital
Data from Center for Southeast Asia Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto
University. Digital Archive from Chulachomklao Royal Military
Academy (CRMA), Thailand
(Vingboons map, Anno 1665)
(Extract of Phraya Bora Rachathanin's 1926 map)