Ayutthaya Kayaking Experience [AKE] will hold the kayaking event “In King Narai’s Trail” from 8 till 10 October 2016. The Lopburi River will be
descended from
Sing Buri until Ayutthaya in 3 days.

The Lopburi River is a tributary of the Chao Phraya River in central Thailand. It splits from the Chao Phraya River at Tambon Bang Phutsa, Singburi. The
river flows through the Singburi, Lopburi and Ayutthaya provinces and enters the
Pa Sak River at Wat Tong Pu in Ayutthaya. The river is 96 Km long of
which 62 Km flows through Ayutthaya Province.

King Narai (r. 1656-1688) used the Lopburi River for his boat travels between the
Grand Palace in Ayutthaya and the palace in Lopburi. The King boarded
at the
Wasukri landing in front of the Grand Palace in Ayutthaya, turned into Khlong Sra Bua, to join the Lopburi in the north. He disembarked at the old
royal harbor at the back of the Lopburi palace and entered the Lady's Court through the western gate "Yatra Kasattri" after climbing a flight of stairs, called
"the fifty-one steps".

This kayak event has a triple function. It is a uncommon
sport event by paddling the whole stretch from the mouth of the Lopburi River in Singburi till the
confluence with the Pa Sak River in Ayutthaya by kayak; It is at the same time a
cultural event in which the participants can experience the importance of
the waterways in the Ayutthayan era - the veins of life of the former Kingdom; Finally it will bear the roots of an
ecological event by making the people
aware that the river - a heaven for birds, animals and fish and a source of sweet water - should not be polluted by using it as an open sewer and garbage

The track of the kayak trip on Google map can be found here under:
Practical information:

  • Participants need to be in possession of a kayak (two-seat kayaks can be hired in Ayutthaya at the Seven Seas Riverside Guesthouse).

  • Less trained participants should paddle in duo.

  • Accommodation will be in moderate guest houses or hotels. Participants pay their own or shared room at the reception.

  • Participants are advised to bring some power snacks for the early morning start as the breakfast is planned after finalizing the first track of the day.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be taken in local restaurants as appropriate (meals at charge of the participants / you pay what you eat).

  • Kayak landings are on temple premises. Rest rooms on the premises can be used. A small donation for the temple will be appreciated.

  • The kayak trip will be executed in 9 tracks. Each day 3 tracks will be navigated. Two tracks in the morning; the third track in the late afternoon.

  • Pick-up and return of kayaks and participants (only in Ayutthaya) will be done by truck. Transport costs to be shared by participants.

  • More information can be found here.

  • Subscription to the event can be done via Facebook. Participants will receive a practical administrative note via e-mail.

Ayutthaya Kayaking Experience [AKE] will not be reliable for any accidents or incidents occurred during the event. It is the responsibility of
the participants to take the necessary precautions to avoid any physical injury, traffic incident, animal attack, theft, and damage to equipment. Participants are
advised to take an accident or sport insurance (if not covered by the health insurance).
In King Narai's Trail