Yard - Sometimes used for piece goods.
Lan prathaksin
Promenade-platform or circumambulatory path. Its main purpose is to enable the worshipper to clockwise circumambulate an object of
worship, that is, walk or go around a stupa or a sacred image by keeping his right side towards it. (See also prathaksin)

[Reference: An outline of the History of Religious Architecture in Thailand - Sonthiwan Intralib (1991).]
A Chinese unit of weight, often referred to as a “Chinese ounce”. During the Ming, it averaged 37 grams.

[Reference: The Zheng He Voyages: A Reassessment - Geoff Wade (2004) - Asia Research Institute Working Paper Series No. 31.]
Old name for Nakhon Sri Thammarat.
Old name for Nakhon Sri Thammarat.
Old name for Nakhon Sri Thammarat.
Old name for Nakhon Sri Thammarat.
Loka Phayu
Angels of the tempest; This I suppose to be the translation of the Siamese Loka Phayu, but I am not certain. Turnour,  translating an account
of this same portent, says they  were Kamawachara angels, that is, angels of any of the sensual  heavens. Phayu seems to be the same as the
Vedic Vayu  - god of the wind; and this mention of the Phayu angels clothed in red garments seems to have been suggested by a hymn of the
Rig Veda, quoted in Manning's " Ancient and Mediaeval India" from Muir's translation.

[Ref: The Wheel of the Law - Alabaster Henry (1871) - Trubner & Co, London - page 185.]
Old name for Lopburi.
The old name for Lopburi is Louvo.