WAT KHOM (วัดขอม)
Wat Khom is located off the main island in the Southeast. It was situated directly east of
Wat Phanan Choeng and would have been accessible by Khlong Suan Phlu and Khlong
Khanom Tan. Unfortunately, no trace of it is visible above the ground today.

Wat Khom appears on several maps of the city, including
Phraya Boran Rachathanin’s
map of 1926. Several markets were located in this area. A distillery produced palm
alcohol nearby and filaments were also produced locally. Not much is known about its

A modern neighborhood has been established at this site. Both canals have also been
plugged up leaving the site inaccessible by boat. Parts of both canals remain, used mostly
for rainstorm drainage; however, there isn't much evidence of this monastery's existence

The name of the temple could suggest that this area was a former settlement of Khmer
immigrants. The word "
Khom" is translated in most of the Thai dictionaries as (ancient)
Khmer - "
Khamen Boran", a member of the ancient Khmer race dominating the
Indochinese Peninsula prior to the 14th century.

We read in the Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya, that in the early years of the city state
many wars had been fought with the Khmers of Angkor and a lot of Khmer prisoners
rounded up and subjected to the "
corvee" system.

A major Khmer group - approx. 2200 people - migrated to Siam during the reign of
King Narai (r. 1656-1688) because of infighting in their country.[1]

The temple was situated on the "
Dutch Island" in Geo Coord: 14° 20' 35.29" N, 100°
34' 54.25" E.  


[1] Discovering Ayutthaya - Charnvit Kasetsiri & Michael Wright (2007) - page 141.
Addendum & maps by Tricky Vandenberg - May 2009
Updated 17 January 2014
Text by Ken May - April 2009
Detail of Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map - Anno 1926
(Detail of Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map - Anno
Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map
(Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map -
Courtesy of the Fine Arts Department - 3th Region)