WAT KRANG (วัดกร่าง)
Wat Krang or the Monastery of  the Banyan Tree was a monastery located north of Ayutthaya at the extremity of the Pho Sam Ton Fields in Pho
Sam Ton Sub-district of Bang Pahan in Ayutthaya Province.

The monastery was situated on the right bank of the
Lopburi River in Ban Khai. The temple stood in the vicinity of Wat Pa Fai and Wat Khao Din
(Wat Wara Nayok Rangsan). Wat Krang was the most northern temple on the western bank in the Pho Sam Ton fields.

The former monastery is today situated in a local brick factory. In situ is a mound with on top a commemoration pavilion (sala) next to a large Bodhi
tree. The sala contains an old restored Buddha image excavated in situ. At the foot of the Bodhi tree were remnants of some sema stones. In the
vicinity (a bit to the east) stands another large Bodhi tree. No other traces were found.

The former monastery was situated in geographical coordinates: 14° 26' 9.25" N, 100° 33' 1.61" E.
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - January 2013