WAT KUTI 2 (วัดกุฏิ)
Wat Kuti or the Monastery of the Hermitage of the Monk was located off
Ayutthaya's city island in the southern area in Samphao Lom sub-district. (1) It was
located west of
Wat Mai Bang Kraja in Bang Kraja area (Thai Khu Bang Kraja) (2).

In situ we find a brick mound. At the time of visit (August 2009) there were still traces of
broken boundary stones (bai sema) and fragmented pieces of statues visible.

The monastery's historical background and period of construction are unknown.

The site is mentioned in the Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya. The King of Burma Bhureng
Noung had hardly left Ayutthaya in 1564 when a serious rebellion broke out, led by the
Raja of Patani. The Raja had raised an army, supported by a fleet of two hundred boats,
to fight the Burmese. On arrival via the Chao Phraya River in front of Ayutthaya, the
boats anchored in front of
Wat Kuti at Bang Kraja. The Raja realized he arrived too
late and finding Ayutthaya's resistance low, he attempted to seize the throne. The
rebellion however was suppressed.

"At that moment the Phraya Sultan of Tani brought his naval force of two
hundred yayap boats in to assist the government in the war. On arrival they
anchored [BDEF: in front of] [C: at] the Kutbangkaca Monastery. On the next
day they moved in to anchor at the Chai Gate."

The site is not indicated on a
mid-19th century map, but is mentioned on Phraya Boran
Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926.  Some remains of the temple were excavated by the
Fine Arts Department (FAD) in Geo Coord: 14° 20' 38.88" N, 100° 34' 23.99" E.

On a Fine Arts Department (FAD) map drafted in 1993 [1] this temple was referred to
Wat Thong Yai. On a FAD 2007 map the temple was re-indicated as Wat Kuti.


(1) Literally the sub-district of the capsized junk.
(2) Bang (บาง) is a village on a river bank.


[1] FAD 1993 map - courtesy by Khun Supot Prommanot Director of the 3th Regional
Office of Fine Arts.
[2] The Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya  Richard D. Cushman (2006) - page 49 /
Source: Phan Canthanumat, British Museum, Reverend Phonnarat, Phra
Cakkraphatdiphong & Royal Autograph - The Rebellion of Pattani.
Text, photographs & maps by Tricky Vandenberg - September 2010
Reviewed June 2011, May 2012, December 2014
Detail of Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map - Anno 1926
(Detail of Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map - Anno
General view of the brick mound
Brick foundations in situ
Remaining broken boundary stones
(General view of the brick mound)
(Brick foundations in situ)
(Remaining broken boundary stones)
Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map
(Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map - Courtesy
Khun Supot Prommanot, Director of the 3th Regional
Office of Fine Arts)
(Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map -
Courtesy of the Fine Arts Department - 3th Region)