Wat Prasat or the Monastery of the Castle is located off the main island in the
southeast sector.  It is situated close to the active temple
Wat Ko Kaeo and would have
been accessible by using
Khlong Khao San or the Pa Sak River. This ruin has been
partially renovated and metal scaffolding keeps its walls from collapsing.

In situ is a single sermon hall aligned in an east-west axis. All four walls have been fairly
well-preserved, but the roof has totally collapsed. There is no chedi on site. Plaster still
covers the walls although stucco images are lacking. A number of large windows remain.
There are some small, headless, Buddha images on site. These have been decorated with
cloth, and villagers have piled up broken figurines from spirit houses around it. A
makeshift wooden shrine has also been built on one side.

There isn't much known about Wat Prasat historically. During the final war with Burma in
1767, the future King Taksin set up his troops in this area. There were also some
markets and a dredger nearby.
View of a ruined monastic structure of Wat Prasat
View from within
Text & photographs by Ken May - April 2009
Maps & photo show by Tricky Vandenberg - March 2015
(View of a ruined monastic structure of Wat Prasat)
(View from within)
Detail of Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map - Anno 1926
(Detail of Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map - Anno
(Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map -
Courtesy of the Fine Arts Department - 3th Region)