WAT WIHAN KHAO (วัดวิหารขาว)
Wat Wihan Khao or the Monastery of the White Sermon Hall is an not restored ruin,
located just west of
Wat Ayodhya, outside the city island in Hantra Sub-district.

In situ are a brick mound covered with vegetation and the remainders of a bell-shaped

Its style is associated with the Middle Ayutthaya period (1488 - 1629 AD), although
there are no records of its original construction or its historical background. The chedi
stands in line with the large chedi of Wat Ayodhya, which could be an indication that
once this ruin could have been part of a larger monastery.

The site has been victim of treasure farming in earlier times, as can be seen from the
many holes dug into this chedi by looters. One hole is burrowed all the way through so
that you can see the sky on the other side. Other holes have resulted in large cracks.
Given that seasonal flooding is common in this area the temple's stability is in question.
There are traces of an east-oriented un-excavated monastic structure, with shattered
pieces of Buddha images.

The site is situated in geographical coordinates: 14° 22' 5.01" N, 100° 35' 10.93" E.
View of the chedi of Wat Wihan Khao
View of the pierced chedi
Text, maps & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - April 2009
Updated 15 January 2014
(View of the chedi of Wat Wihan Khao)
(View of the pierced chedi)
Detail of a 1974 Fine Arts Department map
(Detail of a 1974 Fine Arts Department map -
Courtesy Dr. Surat Lertlum, Chulachomklao Royal
Military Academy)
Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map
(Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map -
Courtesy of the Fine Arts Department - 3th Region)