KHLONG PA MO (คลองป่ามอ)
Text & map by Tricky Vandenberg - February 2011
Khlong Pa Mo was situated on the city island in the Historical Park in Pratu Chai Sub-

Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926 the canal is indicated as an
extension of Khlong Klaeb aka Khlong Tha Phra, but not named.

Khlong Pa Mo linked Khlong Chakrai Yai with Khlong Chakrai Noi. It flowed into
Khlong Chakrai Noi at
Sing bridge in front of Wat Phra Ngam. The canal was crossed
Main Street, leading from Pratu Chai towards the Grand Palace. Wat Chana Man and
Wat Thong/Wat Pa Mo stood on the north bank. A store house of the Phra Klang was
situated on the south bank, just opposite
Wat Borom Phuttharam.

On the
mid-19th century map, the canal is not indicated.

This area has been geographically so much altered, that it is hardly possible to find some
stretches of this canal.

The ancient name of the canal will remain disputed. Sometimes a temple was named after
the canal in its vicinity or opposite. On PBR's map we find Wat Pa Mok (วัดป่ามอก)  
Wat Thong Pak Mo (วัดทองปากหม้อ); on the 19th century map there is
Wat Thong Pa Mo Noi (วัดทองป่าม่นอย) and Wat Thong Pa Mo Yai
(วัดทองป่าม่ใหญ). On a FAD map (1974) the canal is named คลองป่าม่อ. So we find
มอ, ม่อ and หม้อ.

For the word  ม่อ I could not find an explanation. The word มอ means either a kind of
boat, a small mound or a bull. หม้อ could be translated as a pot. In this case I chose for
the word มอ and to translate  it as a small mound.
(Detail of Phraya Boran Rachthanin's map - anno 1926)
Detail of Phraya Boran Rachthanin's map - anno 1926