Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - August 2010
Khlong Pratu Ho Ratana Chai is named after the water gate Pratu Ho Ratana Chai
(translated as Gate of the Tower of the Victory Jewel) at its mouth with the Front city
canal (Khlong Khue Na). The canal runs south of
Wat Prasat towards Wat Senasanaram
where it meets Khlong Nai Kai (presently called Khlong Makham Riang). There is
evidence that the canal continued towards
Pratu Khao Pluak in the Ayutthayan era.

The canal is often called by the locals Khlong Wat Prasat, due to the vicinity of that
temple. At present there is a modern water gate at its junction with the main river. Wat
Senasanaram and Wat Prasat stand on its northern bank.

In the post-Ayutthayan era a new canal was dug west of Wat Senasanaram to improve
the access to that temple. This canal was called
Khlong Senasanaram and had a
confluence with Khlong Pratu Ho Ratana Chai and Khlong Nai Kai. [1]


[1] อธิบายแผนที่พระนครศรีอยุธยากับคำวินิจฉัยของพระยาโบราฌราชาธานินท์
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(Water gate of Ho Rattanachai Canal)
(View of Khlong Ho Rattanachai)