Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - August 2010
Khlong Senasanaram was named after the temple Wat Senasanaram as it was dug in
the post-Ayutthayan era during the reign of King Rama IV to provide a better access to
the monastery. The canal had its mouth with the
Front city canal (Khlong Khue Na) in the
Hua Ro area, just south of the Elephant landing of the Front Palace. It can be considered
as a side-canal from
Khlong Pratu Ho Ratana Chai.

The canal runs south towards Wat Senasanaram where it joins Khlong Pratu Ho
Ratanachai and
Khlong Nai Kai (presently called Khlong Makham Riang). Wat Khamin
Wat Senasanaram stand on its eastern bank. Wat Racha Pruek and Wat Nang (both
defunct) were situated on its western bank.

The canal created in fact a loop of the Front city canal, surrounding the main
Front Palace
area. On one of the oldest post-Ayutthayan era  maps we even find Wat Senasanaram
fully encircled by the canal.

In May 2010, the mouth of Khlong Senasanaram has been filled in until the sluice on the
north side of the old prison, during canal bank reinforcements at Hua Ro.

The main part of this canal, although heavily polluted, still can be seen. The canal is
presently referred to as
Khlong Maha Chai.
View of Khlong Senasanaram
View of Khlong Senasanaram
Wat Senasanaram Bridge over Khlong Senasanaram
(View of Khlong Senasanaram)
(View of Khlong Senasanaram)