WAT DAO KHANONG (วัดดาวคะนอง)
Wat Dao Khanong or the Monastery of the Wanton Stars is an active monastery located north of Ayutthaya in the Pho Sam Ton fields of Pho
Sam Ton sub-district of Bang Pahan in Ayutthaya Province.

The still active monastery is located opposite the ruins of
Wat Pho Sam Ton on the east bank of Khlong Muang and on the north bank of Khlong
Chang, both stretches of the old Lopburi River.

Wat Dao Khanong was established at the end of the Ayutthayan era around 1757 as
Wat Pak Khlong and received its boundary stones 7 years
later (1764). On the day of the inauguration of the ordination hall (พิธียกช่อฟ้า) many stars appeared in the sky and the night was so bright that it
looked daytime; hence due to this event, the monastery was renamed Wat Dao Khanong.

The vihara houses a Buddha image called "Luang Pho Tho Wat Pak Khlong". The image has a lap of 4 meters and sits in the attitude "Conquest of
Mara" (มารวิชัย).

Edward Van Roy in his document "Safe Haven: Mon Refugees at the Capitals of Siam from the 1500s to the 1800s" [1] suggests that Wat Dao
Khanong is the corruption of "Dan Khanon" (1). The northern tax post was indeed situated about 300 meters south of the temple's location on
Khlong Bang Khuat in front of Wat Tha Yak, but the history of the monastery (Tamnan) refutes this suggestion.

The monastery is situated in Geo Coord: 14° 24' 19.06" N, 100° 32' 51.61" E.


(1) Dan = guard post; Khanon = custom post, tax station.


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Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - December 2012