WAT KHOK PHLU (วัดโคกพลู)
Wat Khok Phlu or the Monastery of the Mound of the Betel-vine was located off the
city island in the western area of Ayutthaya in Pak Kran sub-district. The temple was
situated on the south bank of the (present)
Chao Phraya River (1) and west of Khlong
Takhian. Wat Khok Phlu stood north of Wat Klang (and west of Wat Klang Khlong
Takhian built in the Ratanakosin Era). Wat Kuti lies on its west.

Only a brick mound remains from the former village temple. Historical data about the
monastery and its construction are unknown.

There was a well-known floating market in its vicinity and as also one of the six former
ferry crossings on the south side of the city across the Chao Phraya River, linking the
monastery with Tha
Wang Chai (Wang Chai landing). (2) [1]

The site is not indicated on Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926.


(1) Author's comment: In the Ayutthayan era, the present Chao Phraya River must have
been the old Lopburi River as the Chao Phraya River at that time was situated there,
where the Noi River runs now. Steve Van Beeck writes that
"It was not until 1857
that an alternative path was created [for the Chao Phraya River]. A 5-kilometre
channel was dug from the entrance of Wat Chulamani to Ban Mai. The river
responded by following this new course and abandoning the old one, in effect
making a secondary river of the stretch that ran from Ban Mai, and into the Chao
Phya Noi. Half as wide as the river above and below it, the 1857 Ban Mai shunt
funnels the Chao Phya down to Ayutthaya."
(2) In Ayutthayan times there were
twenty-two ferry routes.


[1] Discovering Ayutthaya - Charnvit Kasetsiri & Michael Wright (2007) - page 297.
[2] The Chao Phya - River in Transition -  Steve Van Beeck (1994) - page 12.
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