WAT KHOK SUEA (วัดโคกเสือ)
Wat Khok Suea or the Monastery of the Mound of the Tiger is a defunct temple
formerly located on Ayutthaya's city island outside the
Historical Park in present Pratu
Chai sub-district.

Following a
map of the 19th century the monastery was situated along the east bank of
Khlong Pratu Jin, a presently defunct canal. Wat Sao Ching Cha (vanished) stood to its
north and
Wat Khok Saeng (vanished) to its south.

Historical data about the monastery and its construction are unknown. The 19th century
map indicates the existence of a chedi. The temple is not mentioned on
Phraya Boran
Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926.

Making an assessment off all the monastic structures, in the zone demarcated by Chikun
Rd, Pa Thon Rd, Pridi Banomyong Rd and U-thong Rd is rather difficult, as the position
and name of the structures varies on different maps. On a 19th century map there are 15
structures counted, while on the 20th century PBR map there are 13 mentioned. There is
inconsistence in the names and the positions. Positions of monastic structures can be
asserted, but their ancient names will remain questioned.
Text & photograph by Tricky Vandenberg - November 2010
Updated October 2014
(Detail of a 19th century map - map is orientated S-N.)
(Detail of a 19th century map - map is orientated S-N)