WAT SURINTHARAM (วัดสุรินท์ธาราม)
Wat Surintharam was situated off the city island in the southern area of Ayutthaya in
Samphao Lom Sub-district. The temple was commonly known as Wat Surin and
probably named after its sponsor. The suffix 'tharam' is used in Sanskrit  for a
comparative and superlative form (great - greater, strong - stronger). [1]

The monastery was located between
Wat Tha Sak and Wat Chi Tham along the south
bank of the old
Lopburi River, at present the Chao Phraya River.

One of the six southern ferries shuttled between the landing at Wat Surintharam and Tha
Dan Chi (?) (ท่าด่านชีย) on the city island. (1) (2) [2]

There are no traces of the monastery is situ and as thus Wat Surintharam is considered as

Its historical background and period of construction are unknown.

The monastery is mentioned on a
mid-19th century map, but not on Phraya Boran
Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926.

Wat Surintharam must have been approximately located in geographical coordinates: 14°
20' 41.18" N, 100° 34' 2.54" E.


(1) Author cannot translate the word (ชีย) as it is misspelled in the old text. The word
could refer to a small village in that area as for example the village Bang Ian on the east
side of the city island and Ban Khamin near Hua Ro in the northeast. These were villages
which in the beginning of the 16th century remained outside the city walls. This remains
though a guess.
(2) In Ayutthayan times there were twenty-two ferry routes between the main land and
the city island. The southern area had six ferries. The five other crossings were: the
crossing to
Wat Phanan Choeng, Tha Hoi to Wat Pa Jak, Tha Phra Rachawangsan to
Wat Khun Phrom, Tha Chakrai Noi to Wat Tha Rap and Tha Wang Chai to Wat Nak.
[1] See "
The Boat & Ferry Landings of Ayutthaya".


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page 159 #473.
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Text & maps by Tricky Vandenberg - April 2011
Updated August 2015
Detail of a 19th century map - map is orientated S-N
(Detail of a 19th century map - map is orientated S-N)