KHLONG BANG KHUAT (คลองบางขวด)
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - August 2010
Reviewed June 2011
Khlong Bang Khuat is situated off the city island in the northern area in Wat Tum
sub-district. This canal was a "Khlong lat" (1) dug in the Ayutthayan era (2) to shortcut a
meander in the old
Lopburi River. Prior this canal was dug, the Lopburi River ran along
Wat Chang Yai, Wat Chumphon and Wat Tum.

What is now called Khlong Wat Tum, was as thus a stretch of the old Lopburi River.

The stretch between the mouth of Wat Tum, north of
Wat Pom Raman and the mouth of
Khlong Chang near Wat Dao Khanong (formerly called Wat Pak Khlong - Bang Pahan
district) is called Khlong Bang Khuat.

Bang Khuat Canal refers to the village called Ban Bang Khuat, which was situated mainly
on the west bank of the old Lopburi River, just north of Ban Suan Yo (see map) and
Klang Raman. [1][2]


(1) A "khlong lat" is a channel dug across the oxbow of a meandering river to reduce
travel distances.
(2) A source stated during the reign of King Borommakot (r. 1733-1758) [3]


[1] Interview with the Chao Awat of Wat Klang Raman - Ayutthaya on 20 May 2011.
[2] Extract of map - courtesy of Fine Arts Department - 3th Region.
[3] Interview with a Buddhist priest at Wat Dao Khanong - Bang Pahan on 4 April 2010.
(View of Khlong Bang Khuat near Wat Klang Raman)
(View of Khlong Bang Khuat)
(View of Khlong Bang Khuat near Wat Doa Khanong)
(Ban Bang Khuat on an old military map)