KHLONG DAENG (คลองแดง)
Text by Tricky Vandenberg - April 2012
Khlong Daeng or the Red Canal is located off the city island in the northern area of
Ayutthaya in Hua Ro Sub-district.

It is a connection canal (khlong lat) very likely man dug between the old and new
Rivers, the latter being only a small tributary in the Ayutthayan era.

The canal is crossed by the modern road leading to the
Tamnak Phaniat and the Elephant
Kraal in the Ban Phaniat neighborhood.

Wat Chedi Daeng and Wat Chumphon stood on the south bank of Khlong Daeng.

Another small waterway, likely a split off from the Lopburi River in earlier times, joined
Khlong Daeng from the north just in front of Wat Chumphon and Khlong Daeng's
confluence. A part of this waterway still can be seen behind the Tamnak Phaniat School.

Khlong Daeng was likely a forward defensive moat, protecting the Ban Hua Ro area.
(View of the Daeng Canal)