Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - June 2010
Khlong Dusit flows through the Phai Ling sub-district. At par with Khlong Hantra,
Khlong Kramang (Phai Ling) and Khlong Khao San, this canal was once a stretch of the
Pa Sak River [1].

Khlong Dusit derived its name from the monastery
Wat Dusit situated on its east bank.
Dusit is the Thai translation for the Sanskrit word "Tush" meaning "to be content" or "that
in which all desires are satisfied". It is referring to the "Tushita Heaven", the "joyful
heaven" or "the heavens of the joyous", the fourth Deva heaven above the earth in which
the almost perfect beings, about to become Buddhas, pass their last angelic life before
being born on earth to assume the Buddha hood. [2]

The long gone
Wat Jula Mani and Wat Chaofa Rasami stood respectively at its mouth
respectively on the east and west bank of the canal, at the confluence with
Khlong Ban
Bat and Khlong Kramang. Wat Sam Plum, of which chedi is a landmark of Ayutthaya,
stood on its east bank, north of Wat Dusit.

Khlong Dusit connected Khlong Ban Bat and Khlong Kramang with Khlong Khao San.
It was an important canal as it gave access to one of the most important temples of the
Ayutthayan era:
Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon.

[1] Our Wars with The Burmese - Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (1917) - Re-edited
White lotus (2000).
[2] The Wheel of the Law - Alabaster Henry (1871) - Page 177.
(Khlong Dusit Watergate)
(Aerial canal view)
(Khlong Dusit in 1945)
(Khlong Dusit Watergate)
(View of Khlong Dusit)