KHLONG KRAMANG (คลองกระมัง)
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - June 2010
Reviewed March 2011
Khlong Kramang flows on the border between Hantra and Phai Ling sub-district. It
covers the stretch between
Khlong Hantra and Khlong Ban Bat. At par with Khlong
Hantra, Khlong Dusit and Khlong Khao San, this canal was once a stretch of the Pa Sak
River [1].

Khlong Kramang houses an active Buddhist monastery on its south bank being
Phraya Tikaram. Three more monasteries were situated along this canal:
the vanished
Wat Jula Mani on its south bank, the vanished Wat Tha Pho on its north
bank and the still existing - by the FAD restored - ruin
Wat Nang Kham. Wat Tha Pho and Wat Nang Kham were also situated respectively
on the west and east bank of Khlong Doem/Kudi Dao, a canal arriving from the north (1).

Running east  of
Khlong Doem / Khlong Kudi Dao and parallel with it,
Khlong Maheyong arrived from the north, linking the
Maheyong monastery and its
neighbors with Khlong Kramang.

The canal is named after a common fish in the Siamese waters, the Smith's Barb
(ปลากระมัง) (2)

Khlong Kramang can be paddled by kayak as part of the
Hantra kayak trip. A
description of the trip can be found on this web site under the section "kayaking".


(1) Also called Khlong Dusit.
(2) Puntioplites Proctozysron.


[1]  Our Wars with The Burmese - Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (1917) - Re-edited
White lotus (2000).
(Aerial canal view)
(Canal view)
(Canal view)