WAT NANG KHAM (วัดนางคำ)
Wat Nang Kham or the Monastery of the Mistress Kham is a restored ruin. The
temple consists of an ubosot or ordination hall and a main chedi. From  the ubosot, only
its stone foundation remains. The principal pagoda is bell-shaped on an octagonal base.
A staircase at the east side leads towards the entry of the chedi. The complex was
surrounded by an outer wall.

The site is located outside the city island in the eastern area of Ayutthaya in Phai Ling
Sub-district on the east bank of
Khlong Kudi Dao and close to the confluence of the
latter with
Khlong Kramang.

Following archaeological evidence found in situ, this temple was built in the Early
Ayutthaya period (1350 - 1488 AD). Restoration took place in the reign of King
Borommakot (r.1733-1758).

The Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya mention that he dedicated this temple during the
rainyseason of 1755. A festival was held for three days. Especially for the occasion, a
highmonk from
Wat Sangkha Tha was trained in transcendental meditation in order to
prevent it raining during the festivities. The monk, Reverend Yan Rakkhit, practicing "air
meditation" in the open, was quite successful in his task and succeeded in keeping the
rain away for the period of the festival. The day after, rain fell so heavily that the water
inundated the complete area.

"Reaching 1117 of the Royal Era, a year of the boar, seventh of the decade, and
arriving at the sixth month, His Majesty the Supreme Holy Buddhist Lord
Omnipotent went in holy royal procession to dedicate the
Monastery of Mistress
. On that occasion rain fell in heavy abundance. The King thereupon issued
a holy royal order for the clerical officers and ecclesiastical officials to invite the
Reverend Professor of the Monastery of Binding and Overlaying of a district of
the Municipality of Wiset Chaichan to come down and had him sit in meditation to
help halt the rain. Now that reverend professor had [someone] prostrate himself
and say to the King, "I have business to attend to. I would bestow my holy
blessing, take my leave and go back to build a seminary, I would ask for one Holy
Person and Overlord who is skilled in the ways of holy transcendental meditation
to come and I will explain the methods so he can sit in meditation and halt the
rain in my soul’s place." The King thereupon manifested His holy compassion by
having Reverend Yan Rakkhit of the Holy Royal Synod's Division of Meditation
Matters, [who was] living at the Monastery of Sangkatha, invited to come and
study the methods of the way of holy transcendental meditation within the
residence of the Reverend Professor of the Monastery of Binding and Overlaying.
After the Reverend Professor of the Monastery of Binding and Overlaying had
explained the methods for him, he accordingly bestowed his holy blessing, took his
leave and went back to his temple. Now, for that dedication of the Monastery of
Mistress Kham, a festival was to be held for three days, together with conrom
leaping as well. In the evening the rain started up. The Reverend Yan Rakkhit sat
in meditation on top of a bedstead - it had a roof as well as curtains of white cloth
encircling it - set up out in the open. Now the Holy Person and Overlord practiced
air meditation and concentrated to cause a great wind to blow the rain away and
end it. For all three days none fell and it clearly appeared to be a miracle. Later,
on the fourth whole day, after the activities were finished, a great downpour of
rain thereupon fell and water completely inundated that entire area."

The site is located in Geo Coord: 14° 21' 26.15" N, 100° 35' 33.31" E.


[1] The Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya - Richard D. Cushman (2006) - page 454 /
Source: Phan Canthanumat.
Chedi and ubosot of Wat Nang Kham
Side view
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - June 2009
(Side view)
Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map
(Detail of a 2007 Fine Arts Department GIS map -
Courtesy of the Fine Arts Department - 3th Region)
(View from the East)